Why must select good helmet?

A helmet is an important tool for you when riding a motorbike in the road. If you go travel by motorbike, a helmet is so important. It protects your from bad terrain and some bad accident. Therefore, when you take part in traffic, you should bring a helmet along with you.

The Best Motorcycle Helmet can help you avoid some accident without affecting to your brain.? The low quality helmet shattered, sprung out after a second dam intestine. Therefore, in this article will help you how to choose a helmet for yourself.

Most countries in the world have laws mandating motorcycle riders, motorcycle must wear a helmet. Even where the bicycle is the means required to wear helmets. The importance of a helmet is to protect the brain against injury when the accident occurred.

But for many, the helmet seems mandatory in nature, form with no penalty. A user has posted to YouTube a video in which the stout “smashing” two helmet to compare.

  • The color of a helmet

With a red helmet, according to the employer’s cheap goods originating in China, only after about two blows with a stick, helmet shattered to pieces. Conversely black hat, the good, the Japanese origin, after many blows so hard, hat still unharmed.

In fact, if there is a collision, the driver of the motorcycle down the road, the forces on the head several times bigger than the one of the sticks beating the man in the video. If not choose a helmet of good quality, clear origin, the danger in each collision will increase many times.

Besides the manual method as above, we also use compression engines generate power or collision point to verify the quality of helmets. Examples of this second video, the Shoei helmet, helmet famous company in Japan, is compressed to deformation, but then returns to its original shape.

Helmets are indispensable items when in traffic, it has a very important role in protecting our lives. Selecting a good helmet will help to limit the risk of unexpected accidents struck.

  • Choosing to buy a helmet:

Choose helmets are made from good material. When choosing a helmet, you look hard enough, durable paint, beautiful, glossy cap. Helmet has a firm lock straps, sewn lining in beautiful defended. Those are the basic criteria when examining hat.

Buy caps are packed, clearly warranted. Characteristics to identify clearly originating caps, ensuring that quality is the warranty and packaging. You should choose hats are packed securely with a box, with a clear warranty (warranty case cap), do not buy hats along the sidewalk, head to the helmet shop reputation.

Buy a helmet of the famous manufacturer. The well-known manufacturers will have anti-counterfeiting stamps should you absolutely assured of quality and warranty caps.

Selecting suitable fashionable helmets. This is the final criteria to choose a hat, after you see the caps were reached 3 criteria above then came to the standard “beautiful and appropriate”. Try to choose the helmet of the same color of your motorbike, or your motorbike coincides with the company. This will create consistency and a pop-up style of the user. Select the appropriate helmet will help you a lot more confidence.

Beware of buying good helmet, do not use substandard hat sisters! Do not forget to visit the Wiki frequently to learn and share more “tube” rewarding experience for life.

  • Helmets as confidentially as possible:

Currently on the market, there are three types of helmets: type hat covering the first half, covering the head, ears and hats to cover both functions. To ensure the safety of users, it is best to select the first shielding hat, ear and jaw. Hats should fit snugly to the head, not too loose nor tight.

Light helmet: hat size from 520 to, 540, 560, 580 and 600 mg. The shell should be smooth caps, no cracks or sharp edges. Hats must be hard, withstand the impact and penetration.

Spacing should not exceed 25 mm in order to keep from being dislocated shoulder strap from chin. Extra layers of protection: Choose type foam. When impact, cushioning protection will reduce concussions. The more soft foam more resistant to high impact. Consumers can check by to reverse cap and gently push the inner sponge. If pressed fingers, sponge foam will collapse. Windshield: Glass Plastic, impact resistant. Glass to light, transparent, external visual fidelity images.