What Should You Know About The Long board Brands?

For those people who are keen on playing sport, especially the sport of skiing, it can be said that the long board tool is one of the very common device. How to choose the best longboards 2016 for playing this types of sport effectively is one the most awkward questions of many players. This section will help you to find the answer.

The General Information About Long Board Device

It can be said that the long board is a type of skateboard which is designed with the flat surface and it has the outstanding length compared to other types of boards on the market. This type of device is often used for the purpose of competing in the race, surfing on the snow surface. In addition, it is considered as one of the tool with the high speed when you want to go some further destination. As a result, the speed, the sustainability is expected the most vital factors for the users when choosing this types of product.

This type of games played within the narrow space in favor of skill rather than speed performances. This kind of device is about from 30 to over 40 inches on by approximately 1m, short boards as Freestyle but it is designed with the big wheels and its ductility is running very quickly. This plank is short and so small but offers enough elements of the so-called long boards miss type size. ?Actually it is a game of long-term, but because they are too heavy. Currently, the manufacturer made it so small in the compact bag for easily walking up and down the bus or train, as well as brings the comfortable feeling to use when the players want to stop it at house or near schools or workplace. Girls boarding student or uses this to go public in a few stories and move the camp of freestyle boarding school … Then many companies also manufacture Long board categories with 2 heads which is slightly bent up a little to easy to control our side a little style inspiration in order to add the basic building block the games

What Is Long Boarding?

Long boarding in fact started out as being called “Surf Side surfing- walk on land” in 1950 (the exact year is not certain). It was developed by the surfers (Surfer) during that period and later developed by the skaters (skateboarders). The surfer brainstorms with the idea because they want to experience the feeling of surfing on a hard surface. In other words, it was made as an alternative to surfing. In addition, the use of such training longboarding surfs when there are no waves suitable for surfing. Long boarding as mentioned above has been used around the world since the 1950s but only became popular in the 1990s.

The Difference Between Skateboarding And Long Boarding:

Most long boards are inspired by the design of surfboards, very much the same as surfboards, but with wheels.

  • Some Shapes And Functions Of Long Board

+ Long boards are specially made same yacht that is why we are making bigger, more comfortable and larger wheels (cruising and carving).

+ Although skate boarding tricks can often be done on a Long board. The most popular free Long board is called dancing (dancing).

+ Long boarding is great for wheel slip due to the softness.

+ Long boarding is widely popular for cross-country racing (speed)

What Should You Care When Choosing The Material For The Long Board?

It can be said that the material not only has the great effect on the weight, as well as the flexibility of the board but it also affects the sustainability of the board during the process of moving.

Actually, the common materials to make the board include:


This is the most popular materials on the market. This material can enhance the sustainable as well as the strength of the board during the process of using. This is very suitable for those people who are the new member with these types of sport.


The number of long board made from the bamboo is increasing highly on the market due to the fact that the bamboo has the light weight compared to other types of materials