The fact shows that hunting deer can be considered to be one of the most famous traditional customs that have existed for a long time. This is an interesting activity related to hunting. Nowadays, hunting deer is being limited on the grounds that people have to protect such precious animals. In addition, hunters also only observe this animal to learn more about its instincts. Today, I will give you some Trail Camera Reviews and focus on types of designs, how to use and some notes in using.

  1. Designs for trail camera

The trail camera is always designed to be strange to people but really familiar with the deer. As it is for hunting deer, it looks like everything around the deer, mainly the tree rind.

Nowadays, there are several popular designs for the trail camera. Some designs are very interesting and hunters often get more fun with this camera.

Mainly, the trail camera is designed like the tree phloem. The color is similar to the phloem so that the deer cannot figure out the camera. Sometimes, there are several patterns for the trail camera and there are often belts to tie the camera around the tree.

However, sometimes the deer can recognize the trail camera on the grounds that the hunters choose to buy a trail camera that has different color from the tree that they mount the camera on.

Another design for the trail camera is the eye style. The lens of the camera will be small and be decorated like the eye. The color of the camera is also similar to the tree. A lot of deer are interested with such design but they cannot figure out the camera. Some deer only focus on watching the lens and then we can record their images. That sounds very funny.

  1. Where and when to mount the trail camera

In terms of mounting the trail camera, it is necessary to determine where and when to mount.

Where to mount?

Of course, the place you mount the trail camera will be the tree or some tall pole in the forest, particularly where the deer settle down. To determine the home of the deer, we will have to us the hunting scope or we will have to base on our knowledge and experience.

The deer will live in the place where there are a lot of tall trees. The deer is very precious and their home is also very beautiful. You can find the tree that has the same color to the trail camera. Use the belts to tie the camera on the tree.

You should notice where on the tree you mount on the grounds that you should only mount the camera in the place where you can record the activities of the deer the most conveniently. Do not mount the camera too high as the device cannot record anything, except for the sky and the birds.

When to mount?

So when should we mount? This is a very common question of almost all deer hunter. In the daytime, the deer will look for leaves and water to eat and drink. At night, they also have some activities. However, they appear mostly in the daytime.

You should choose the moment when they deer come to the streams to drink water. It will be the most favorable for you to mount the camera on the tree and remember to test what the device records first. If the camera cannot record the deer as it is too low or too high then you will have to take advantage of when the deer is not there to adjust the camera position.

One thing to remember is that do not let any deer see you mount the trail camera on the tree as they will know that this is not a beneficial activity for them.

In conclusion, hunting deer is really exciting and observing what the deer is doing is a funny activity that draws attention of a lot of hunters. Even though each hunter has their own method of hunting deer, they all use a trail camera as an indispensable device in their trip. Here, I have given some information about trail camera designs and tips to use it. I hope you all will enjoy this information.