Some terms used in baseball

As you know, baseball is a sport that is play so much in America and some of countries in Asia such as Japan. In this article, I will introduce some term used so much in baseball.

Firstly, you should equip for yourself some tool to serve this game. Many people think that softball is as well as baseball. But it is different a little. Buying the best softball bats and then you can play baseball. And you can read below to know more word in baseball.

  • Some term in baseball

Appeal – appeal actions of a field with the discovery Umpire offensive team offense.

Balk – invalid actions of pitcher when one or more runner on base. When the pitcher was balk and a base runner had been promoted.

Ball – one thrown in the strike zone and is not being hit by the batter. Note: if the ball hits the ground and go through the strike zone, it is a ball.

Base – one of four points that are required to touch the runner to scoring points.

Batter – a member of the attacking team, who stood in the batter’s box in.

Some areas with seats reserved for members of the baseball team when they are not involved in the match (including the main players, reserves and other members)

  • Double game

Maker of defensive team play in which two members of the assault team was eliminated, with the condition that no error occurred between the time kind of enemy.

Fair ball touch down zone the ball is considered fair by the yard, or the ball touched 1B, 2B, 3B, or the ball touched the ground in the area of ??regional fair infield and outfield thrown region’s foul 1B or 3B passing or ball Umpire fielder touching or regional fair.

Fair territory is the region in the area of ??competition, including the 1B, 3B and 1B and 3B of the line, extending from homeplate to end the game field. Line foul line is also the fair

  • Fielder – defensive players

Fielder’s Choice – fielder actions are controlled the ball after the shooting. Instead of throwing the batter-runner 1B to type, he throws to another base runner to run the previous categories.

Situations runner on base required to run next batter becoming runner.

Note: do not touch the ball hit any public fielder and pitcher’s rubber violently thrown into the foul area in between home and 1B and 3B or home, it was foul ball.

Foul tip – ball is hit straight into the glove of the catcher from baseball and is valid taken. Not a foul tip when the ball has not been taken and any foul tip that is taken strike and the ball was still in play.

Infield fly – high fly ball in the fair (not a straight ball flight is not due batter bunt balls) can be captured by a fielder is easy, as there are in 1B and 2B runner or runner in both 3B and before two outs. When the ball is clearly seen Infield fly, Umpire will call “Infield fly”. If the ball near the baseline line, Umpire will call “Infield Fly, if Fair.”

  • Interference – obstructing error

Offense interference – hampered the team’s fault attacks hinder any fielder who are trying to make a catch phase. When Umpire declared batter, batter-runner or runner disqualified for interference, all other runner will return to the base which was hit Umpire valid at the time of interference.

Defensive interference – actions hinder or interfere with batter hit the ball, or run in the way of the runner.

Umpire interference – occurs when Umpire at homeplate hinder pitching categories are stealing base runner or pick off play, or when the ball hit in fair zone touch pass fielder Umpire before.

Spectator inteference – occurs when the audience to stand or run out into the yard and touch the ball is in play or touch and prevents a fielder trying to shoot the ball.

The action of the fielder touched the base while holding the ball for sure, or action by the ball hit the runner’s fielder either manually or gloves can keep the ball.