Experience when you choose and buy helmets

Full-Face hats (FF) is the hooded helmet, exclusively used to go away and drove at high speed because it has the highest protection in all types of hats for motorcycle riders. PKL riders tend to choose this hat because it’s cool and beautiful.

However, there are many things you need to consider before choosing to buy yourself a FF helmet because its price is not cheap to have the Best Motorcycle Helmet for you.

  • When to start with helmet?

Go away, touring by motorcycle or anticipated to be run at high speed.

Having defended the highest in all kinds of helmets, to protect the entire head, face, chin, and after bittern.

Help us dropping 2 things at home: sunglasses and a mask.

Helping the driver not being constantly tired when the wind against your face.

Help the driver more confident, less afraid than when running fast, simply because you will not feel the wind scooped up into the face of his thought are slow while the car is running very fast. This one you have to try it to know, running 100km / h when the FF to FF it is not very different teams: D.

Helps protect against flying insects, especially the forest or along the forest road, you may have to run the car passing through a swarm of bees or a swarm of flying insects buzzing, without hats FF is very easy rider insect stings or fly into the eye. The glasses that you wear often can not protect you from these cases anywhere.

  • Beautiful, cool motorcycles.

There are many brands as helmets, Asia, Europe, America also. I have not had the opportunity to verify the safety of all brands of all this, but at least I can list them for you some good brands, a lot of players in the world of motor and used to purchase the most commonly used in the MotoGP class race.

There’s also a lot of other brands, if you prefer a certain pattern, remember recording sampling DOT standards. This is a very prestigious standards of the US for the helmet has passed the stringent tests for safety. There are also other criteria such as Snell and Ece, you can Google to find out more.

  • Choosing a helmet with locusts

Often moto riders will choose between three types of cones hooded: a Full-Face is pure, two locusts are conical (cone type upper and the protection of the elongated chin) or Flip-Up three hats , also known as cones flip function, ie the cone Full-face but can pull up to the front of the hat hat turned into a 3/4.

  • A locust helmet

This category is for riders and off-road terrain. The advantage of it is above having a rather large brimmed sun, plus the jaw is lengthened to increase protection for the team at the same time increase the efficiency of cooling air circulation. However, this type of helmet is usually not the same as FF glasses that we have to buy and wear a protective glass add another.

  • Flip-up cone

This kind of convenience is that you go in the city, it can turn out up to turn into cones 3/4, when it pulled out of the highway down to turn into FF function. Myself do not like this kind since assuming there is an accident, I think a hat FF “monolithic” will better protect your head with a helmet and swivel joints.

  • How to choose the size for helmet

There are two cases, if you go straight to the store to try and buy helmet are easy, even if purchased through the network, they must know how to choose a hat size to suit your head size. Here, I will share how to choose a hat before, in later below will talk about how to choose your size.

Go straight to the store to try cone in place is the right thing because you most likely choose a hat suitable and satisfactory. The first time you will see the FF team a little difficult but not star in, it is important now, the players in and it has a pleasant or not. An important principle when choosing the size cone is not too wide or too tight.