Choosing Children’s gift on 1/6

Children’s Day is a day for children, parents are often unprepared for the baby, it can be a small gift for the classic stages of the baby, as the best balance bike for children from 2- 5 years of age for the baby can exercise their musculoskeletal system. Or larger gifts like books or clothes for your baby. The following are suggestions for gift giving babies according to ages.

  1. Gifts for babies under 1 year on 1/6
  • In this phase, you need to give your baby more contact with the images, colors, soothing noises. You can choose baby toys colorful, soft stuffed animal honk little chit, shaking dice to hold your baby, crib hanging toys may sound funny ears, cloth toys, wooden toys. Additionally, you can also shop for baby clothes some fun, lovely, or walker shoes for dear life to experience first
  • For children under 1 year old baby you need more contact with the images, colors, soothing noises. Accordingly, the toy has colorful, soft stuffed animal honk little chit, shaking dice to hold your baby, crib hanging toys with sound funny ears, cloth toys, wooden toys come in many shapes … would fit well with the baby.

  1. International Children Gifts for children from 1 to 3 years
  • For children from 1- 3 years old you should choose educational toys and intellectual development for children. There are many suggestions for you to choose baby gifts such as puzzle kit, battery-powered cars, stuffed animals, toys simulation of salespeople, doctors, auto trains batteries, paper and pen Car color baby sets, dolls
  • You need to understand that, to this age, you should choose toys for children educational and intellectual development for children. You can buy baby clothes puzzle, battery-powered cars, stuffed animal, toy simulation the sales staff, doctors, auto trains batteries, paper crayons to draw naughty baby , puzzle toys, wooden toys intelligence development, dolls for girls (for children hugging, imitating adults caring, loving, toward love and responsibility for children) …
  • For children of this age, you can buy clothes for the children also. With girls you please buy me those gorgeous dresses like a little uncle probably will love this gift.
  1. Selection of gifts for children from 3 to 5 years old

For children from 3-5 years old, this stage is extremely important impact on the development and maturity of the child. You should choose the presents educational, intellectual stimulation of the baby by this stage, your baby will shape perceptions, thoughts on life and new world. Toys, educational items such as comics, books, bowl sets, mosaics … help her form the mindset and personality. These toys help her flexibility, balance: tricycle, scooter, handball … Some types of toys suitable for babies such as:

  • Toys puzzle: The puzzle of wooden toys or plastic are very suitable for the baby. These toys will help children learn how to be patient, enhanced creative ability. Especially the baby can play with their parents, siblings or their friends together to create interesting works from this puzzle.
  • Vehicles: Parents can choose for boys baby toys such as bicycles, scooters, auto-tower legs or wheelchairs, car balance … to strengthen advocacy baby, have a strong immune system than.
  • Control Toys, model: The boys used to love exploring, inquiring out always want new things. Therefore control toys such as cars or aircraft control… always attracted kids. If her parents bought her a car or airplane control during the 1-6 day surely you will be very interested.
  1. 1/6 Gifts for children 6 years and older
  • For older children (aged 6 years and older) you can choose the children’s New Year gift for the baby’s preference. Such as baby gifts like reading it all the more reasonable educational books. Or she likes painting, playing, puzzle, the choices parents can also be appropriate gifts for their children, such as crayons, plastic guitars.
  • Note when giving gifts to children: Parents need to understand that not any unwrapped gifts they like and will keep your baby amused. In addition to selecting appropriate gift for sex, age, and interests of children, parents need to consider carefully the label name, origin … to make sure the toy has a clear origin, not toxic plastic harmful, contains chemicals that can affect children’s health.
  • For younger children, the toys that parents donate will be treated as the “friends” with them to play, share daily. In addition, there is a means toys help children develop skills and explore the world.