Helmet is the safety equipment that all the motorcycle riders have to have at least one. There are a lot of different thing about the design and features of the helmet that you have know about to make sure that you can choose the best motorcycle helmet for yourself which is able to ensure your safety for all the time you ride. In this post I want to make a review about the best motorcycle helmet in the market and all of the features of them to help you pick out the suitable one for you and know what is the feature that you should look for when purchase for yourself.

When you look for an suitable helmet, there are something you need to know about it, first one is the the helmet is fit with your head size, secondly, you need to make sure that there is nothing make you feel uncomfortable when you are wearing the helmet because it can make some distract during the time you are riding and cause accident ? what nobody want.

  1. Scorpion excel

This product is a the first place of this list because its perfect performance of the helmet make you always feel comfortable during your trip. The price of this product is about $200 and the weight is about 3 and a half pound make this become the most affordable product and get into the lightweight helmet team. For the shell of the helmet it is totally stable thanks to the ?rock solid structure, this is the most realiable helmet I have seen. Super light snow is the great mix with other features of the helmet making this helmet become the most famous product in this list. You also can check on the T1202 model which is an touring helmet famous in the market.

  1. Bell MX9 adventure

This is the full face helmet which has ability to go to the street fighter. Its weight just about under 4 pound, do not too heavy. If you want to wear it for a long time, it is not a big deal anyway. The shell is made from the poly carbonate, which is stable but light weight, the perfect choice for the helmet shell up to now. The thing I like about this product is the shield, it has ability to install a dark smoke shield on it and bent. In addition, this product has gotten the DOT and ECE reated, so you have nothing to worry about the quality and realiable of this product at all. The price for this product is about $200

  1. Shoei hornet X2 helmet

Shoei is the most famous helmet brand in the world who is popular due to the quality of their products and the good service. They are not a big manufacturers but their products are what people want to have. Shoei is not really famous at the low price range but if you have one, there is nothing for you to have to regret at all. The Shoei hornet X2 is the product that you never have to worry about the quality or the wind because its shield works perfect and protect you all the way. This helmet provides the comfor and quite for you when you are wearing the helmet.

  1. Fox racing V3 helmet

The shield of this helmet is carbon which is stable and light wwight help you to feel comfortable when wear this helmet. Multi-directional impact system is intergrated into the layer of the helmet help to make sure that you always in the best condition and protect you when you have to wear it for long time. The EPS is help you to manage the rotation of low-speed impact to the head and provide the great moving forward for the users.

  1. AGV AX-8 AV naked carbon helmet

This is the product with under 3 pund of weight, which is really help you to totally confident to wear it for a long time without worry about shouderache or armache when you have to carry a heavy stuff for too long time. For exactly, its weight is 2 pounds and 15 punces. Compare to the original version, the carbon version is really an upgrade of the manufacturer for the user